You are not alone!
Do you want to learn how to incorporate the Pillars of Transformation in your life and parenting to banish overwhelm and empower you to connect with and support your LGBTQ child?
Dear Friend,

When your child comes out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning it inevitably raises a plethora of questions and emotions.
"How can I support them?"
"I don't understand what they are going through!"
"I'm scared for their safety and future!"
These are our babies, no matter how old they are!  As their parents, we are tasked with not only caring for all of their basic needs, but also teaching them, supporting them, and loving them no matter what!

This is as personal and emotionally charged as it gets!

I spent a long time contemplating the creation of this course. On one hand, I felt a strong calling to further my mission of making sure no parent or ally felt alone. On the other hand, I was highly aware of the sensitive and oftentimes, confidential, nature of this topic.

I have felt the fear, uncertainty, overwhelm, frustration, and cluelessness first hand. It is not fun!

As our journey continues to progress and our joy and shifts grow, so has my compassion and empathy for others on a similar path - parents, allies, and kids alike!

This is hard! But embracing all of the truths, immersing yourself in education, learning to empower and be empowered, and most of all, learning to love unconditionally is worth it!

So, ultimately, I decided to create a course that incorporated everything my husband, Steve, and I wish we would have had access to or known when Connor first came out and in those first few years.

Think of Learning to Just Breathe as a beautiful space where hundreds of hours of research, talking with professionals, soul-searching, crying, shifting, and self-discovery all around are organized into delightfully presented steps that make your journey of processing and shifting exponentially easier!

Magical, not magic
Yes, the Pillars feel magical, however, they are not magic. What does that mean exactly? They require an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to make necessary shifts.

The more effort you put into the course, the more benefit you will get!

Here's What I Can Guarantee
I am sharing every bit of research, every lesson we've learned over the past four years, organized into easy to process lessons. The pillars of transformation include everything Steve and I wish we would have had when Connor came out and so much more!

I am saving you a TON of time, frustration, and angst so you can use that energy to embrace your child and this journey!

Exactly What You're Getting
Through my podcast, Just Breathe: Parenting Your LGBTQ Teen, I've had the opportunity to connect with so many lovely people - parents, allies, friends, siblings, teachers. With each story shared or question asked, I've felt the nudging of my intuition to create something that up to this moment just hasn't existed.

I kept thinking, "why isn't there much out there to support parents? Why is this topic still under the radar?"

There are millions of us on a similar journey, yet we all feel strangely isolated and alone. And so, I finally pushed through my fear and decided to create something that could begin to break down the stigmas, clear the misinformation, and forge a path for transformation!

The course is comprised of five modules. The first four are based on the Pillars of Transformation, and the fifth module ties them together and teaches ways they can be used. Each lesson within the modules contains "shift sheets" to help you with your process. The course also includes two robust resource modules that list my favorite websites, articles, books, and podcasts as well as a complete lingo and language section.
Module #1
Learning to Embrace
  • An Overview of the Concept of Embracing
  • Lesson One: Wrap Your Head Around the News
  • Lesson Two: Get Yourself Grounded
  • Lesson Three: Tell Your Kid You Love Them
  • Lesson Four: Get on the Same Page and Buckle Your Seatbelt
Module #2
Educate - Back to School!
  • An Overview of this Education or Re-education
  • Lesson One: The Coming Out Process for Your Child
  • Lesson Two: Yes, You Get a Process, too!
  • Lesson Three: The Value of Research
  • Lesson Four: Support in All of Its Forms
  • Lesson Five: Understanding LGBTQ Mental Health
  • Lesson Six: Substance Use Awareness
  • Lesson Seven: Allow Yourself Time to Adjust and Grow!
Module #3
Empower...You've Got This!
  • An Overview of Empowerment
  • Lesson One: The Value of Support Groups and Therapy
  • Lesson Two: Advocate and Ally - Nouns and Verbs
  • Lesson Three: Positive and Healthy Communication
  • Lesson Four: Lean into Your Intuition
  • Lesson Five: Release Fear
Module #4
  • An Overview of this Simple, Yet Powerful Pillar
  • Lesson One: Self-Love
  • Lesson Two: Understanding Your Child's Love Language
  • Lesson Three: Embody Unconditional Love
Module #5
Making the Pillars Work for YOU
  • An Overview of Putting it All Together
  • Lesson One: How to Use the Pillars as a Useful Toolkit
  • Lesson Two: No one is Perfect - the Value of a Pause
  • Lesson Three: Recalibrate Your Compass
  • Lesson Four: Just Breathe
Here's What To Do Next
If you really want to transform your relationship with your LGBTQ child, move forward with optimism about the future, and banish fear to the past, then Learning to Just Breathe is for you!

This course is a time-saving, stress-reducing, empowering investment in yourself and your relationship with your child!

Get it now for one payment of $497 or two payments of $277.

If you feel like this is right for you, click here, and sign up for Learning to Just Breathe
Here's What Happens After That
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You will receive instant access to module one, and then each module will open in one-week increments. This timing will allow you to do the work within each module without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

Remember there is no deadline - you have lifetime access to this course!

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